Kevin Murphy Vibrance Christmas Gift Set - Wayne Lloyd Hair

Kevin Murphy Vibrance Christmas Gift Set

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Colour that is long lasting requires maintenance.

Everlasting Colour Wash,  Rinse and treat coloured hair from the inside out, leaving hair robust and more vibrant.


Included in the set:

Kevin Murphy Everlasting Colour Wash 250ml

  • Colour Protect shampoo with pH sealing technology 
  • Colour locking
  • Creates shine
  • protects from hard water minerals
  • nourishes and hydrates
  • Weightless

Kevin Murphy Everlasting Rinse 250ml

  • Acidic pH conditioner
  • colour locking
  • restores condition
  • weightless

Kevin Murphy Everlasting Leave in

  • Lightweight leave in spray that treats hair from the the inside out.
  • Bond building
  • Colour locking
  • creates shine
  • detangling