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Alfaparf Volume Christmas Set

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Alfaparf’s 2023 Semi Di Lino Christmas sets are inspired by one of Italy’s finest cities, Milan. The new Volumizing Gift set comes complete with a trio of products that are designed to boost your hair with volume, enhancing the thickness of each fibre. 

Included in the set:


Semi Di Lino Volumizing Low Shampoo 250ml

  • Gently cleanses, whilst volumizing and enhancing the thickness of each fibre.
  • Urban Defence Pro protects from environmental pollutants.
  • Shine Fix complex adds shine
  • gives you 2 times more volume for up to 72 hours.


Semi Di Lino Volumizing Mousse conditioner 200ml

  • A Volumizing mousse conditioner that adds volume to hair that tends to lay flat.
  • Lightweight, foam formula
  • Urban Defence Pro.

Semi Di Lino Cristalli Liquid 15ml