Keeping you safe in this strange time!

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As we work on in this strange time I wanted to chat about how its going in the salon!

We're working hard to keep are Covid-19 policies in place.  We use our own, in-house, contact tracing app.  We sanitise our stations and equipment  between each client and have reduced the amount of clients we have in the salon at any one time to support socially distancing.  During lockdown, I had the fantastic opportunity to work alongside some of the industries best thinkers and experts, including NEPHIT and we translated the government guidelines into, industry specific measures to keep our clients and staff safe.  We understand that these are strange times and you, our fantastic clients are fearful about the virus!

My concern for you and our future is that our staff are receiving messages asking if they would come to your house to do your hair privately??

The answer is simply that it's not possible.  The stylist in our salons are not available to work on the black market, at your house, to do your hair.  The black market industry, along with the pandemic has closed 1 in 10 small businesses around the country, with, I fear, more to come and we are working hard to not become a statistic.

Also, whilst in the salon we are able to use the available control measures to keep you safe, can the same be done in someones kitchen or living room, I fear not!  I applaud the home hairdressing industry who are paying taxes, insurance and comply with all the Covid-19 guidelines and regard them as purely professional. 

Next time you think about messaging a hairdresser from any salon asking if its possible to pop round and give you a trim, ask yourself, am I doing the right thing.




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