Ballydehob the neighbourhood or just "The Hood"

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I don't often make my feelings public but time has come for me to make a comment.  Ballydehob, I have always considered you to be home, a place where neighbours meant you had friends and a community around you!

Unfortunately this is no longer the case, in recent times the community spirit has gone and due to, what I can only imagine is selfishness and greed a new hob has emerged.  Ive seen locals move out due to noise, disrespect and quite frankly I don't like the changes I'm seeing and I'm not alone in this!

Recently 10,000 people descended on Ballydehob for the Jazz festival an event I've always supported.  Never again!  The noise, underage drinking, drugs and lack of respect for the local community I found disappointing, no, disgusting!  We have an eclectic village that includes people of all ages but they are no longer able to sleep or walk the streets at night.

Ballydehob, you need to take a good hard look at the lack of community and pray we get if back or I fear for our future.  A speedy recovery please Ballydehob and let the sun shine again.

Wayne Lloyd Hair will always remain a friendly, happy place where you can always pop in for a cuppa or a chat?

Yours hopefully, 

Wayne Lloyd xx

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