Back in action!

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Wow, what a few days it's been.  With the government giving us 5 working days to reopen and the massive amount of pressure we're under I feared a disaster!  When I got home from work on Sunday night, literally sick to the stomach with stress and work about how the first day would be, had we done enough, had we done it right?

I went into the Bandon salon in the morning to find a bright and cheerful team, well trained and well prepared and after a quick call to Ballydehob, the same!  We managed to pull it off!  Like Houdini, it felt like we'd achieved the impossible.  So, as a proud Boss I posted a video of myself and the staff with our arms entwined, wearing masks, freshly sanitized and ready to go?  All good?  No, apparently not, as the dreaded call came in.  I'd like to speak to the manager!  As one of the girls gave me the phone I enquired what was the problem, I'd like to complain about your video I was told.  You're not social distancing?  When I explained these restrictions couldn't apply as hairdressers arms aren't 2 metres long, I received a barrage of negativity and disgust.  After about 5 minutes of this, I asked the caller who usually did her hair as shed refused to put a name to the complaint.  Oh no,  I don't go to your salon I go local!!!!!

So, if you're out there, phone call lady, Stay local!!!! LOL


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